Customer Cases

The legal experts use RuleXpress to document the tax code and make the interpretation of the tax code explicit, managable and a good basis to modernize legacy tax systems. The results are an improved accuracy in tax collection and reduced future implementation complexity by 95%.

The business use RuleXpress in a new application development approach based on business rules, defined vocabulary and processes. The results are a new and improved relationship between the business and IT and true business ownership of ongoing change.

The business analyst uses RuleXpress to write and manage the source documents, the business rules themselves, metadata about the business rules and the terms that underpin the rules. The result showed a substantial reduction in costs relative to other organizations facing the same challenges.

Health care
The domain experts adopt RuleXpress and a business rules methodology across the enterprise to improve communication between departments  and projects. The results are a 80% reduction in change cycle time and effective management of rules across multiple implementation technologies.