FactXpress Features

The main features of FactXpress are:

  • Associate two or more terms with each other and name the association in multiple directions.
  • Create a categorization hierarchy for a concept and name the categorization with a categorization scheme.
  • Create a composition hierarchy for a concept and name the composition with a composition scheme.
  • Create an objectification for a fact type.
  • Create a rolename for a concept in a fact type.
  • Create a special association between two concepts named ‘property of’.
  • Create a special relation between two concepts named ‘assortment’.
  • Show property-of concepts and assortments in a compact list view.
  • Create unary fact types.
  • Create notes on the diagram.
  • Validate the diagram for omissions and duplicates.
  • Navigate between multiple diagrams.
  • Search in multiple diagrams.
  • Print the diagram and / or export as image.
  • Copy an image of the diagram to the Windows clipboard.
  • Print a report of all concepts and fact types on a diagram.
  • Copy, cut, paste selected elements.
  • Reposition boxes and lines.
  • Undo and redo drawing actions.
  • Re-color boxes.
  • Zoom-in and Zoom-out.
  • Synchronize with RuleXpress.
  • Save and load files with extension .rxfm.

The embedded FactXpress (e.g. in RuleXpress) has the same look and feel as the standalone version. But since it is incorporated in the RuleXpress environment it can make use of its navigation and meta model features. To list a few features that a RuleXpress user has access to:

  • Drag and drop existing RuleXpress Vocabulary items (Terms and Fact Types) on the diagram.
  • Navigate to RuleXpress concepts that are used in Neighborhoods, and you can navigate to Neighborhoods from existing concepts.
  • Record meta data for Neighborhoods.
  • RuleXpress uses the concept of Fact Symbols to manage the wordings used in Fact Types as reusable items, as templates.
  • Advanced search and filter capabilities. 
  • Report on diagrams.


The latest release of FactXpress is release 1.2. This version is integrated in RuleXpress 3.2 and later