Business Rules Management

Automating a decision is not enough. You must get the rules right.

No Business Rules Management System implementation or decision management project will succeed unless you understand the rules you are implementing. If business people disagree on what the business rules should be or worse yet on what they mean, no amount of software can fix the problem. And the rules for handling exceptions and corner-cases may never be automated yet understanding them is crucial.

Business rule and decision management projects can increasingly empower business users to own the production business rules that power decision services and applications. Externalized and managed decision-making makes business processes smarter, simpler and more agile. Only business owners who can trace their policies and procedures, regulations and best practices to the implementation will be able to take full advantage and maximize the return on their investment in business rules management systems.

RuleXpress provides a comprehensive environment for business users to get agreement on the rules and to get the rules right. Technology independent and designed for non-technical business users and business analysts. RuleXpress lets them document their rules using their own words. Using RuleXpress avoids re-work and retains business knowledge and know-how in a single, manageable source regardless of how it is going to be implemented.

For organizations implementing business rules management systems and adopting decision management who need true business ownership of business rules, RuleXpress is the tool that delivers the right rules in a technology-independent format. Unlike execution-focused business rules management systems, RuleXpress manages business rules the way the business sees them, not just the way IT needs them.