Below is a list of recorded webinars. A  webinar consists of an expert introduction, an introduction to RuleXpress and a demo of RuleXpress tailored to the topic, followed by questions and answers. We invite you to view the recorded webinars. They are listed in chronological order, with the most recent webinar on top. A simple registration (name and email) is required to view the webinars. ion is required to view the webinars

Decision Management and RuleXpress

Your business makes operational business decisions day-in and day-out. Are you managing them effectively?

Ron Ross will explain why managing decisions is important and what exactly they are. Find out about the inherent structure of decisions and how you can manage them effectively. Hear about the latest! Dan Kingsford will demonstrate how decisions can be managed in RuleXpress, using decisions to organize existing knowledge.

Common Mistakes made in capturing Business Rules

In this webinar Gladys Lam, Co-Founder & Principal of Business Rule Solutions, LLC and Publisher of BRCommunity.com, will discuss 3 of the top ten common mistakes from business analysts when capturing business rules, based on her vast experience in running business rules seminars and hearing about the common challenges among businesses. Kirsten Korevaar, RuleArts, shows how to use RuleXpress to avoid making these mistakes

Requirement Management in RuleXpress

In this webinar Miranda Shumaker, Business Analyst, of NCPA, talks about how she organized requirements in RuleXpress and how to customize RuleXpress  to support the expressions and properties that are important for your organization.

Terminology Management in RuleXpress

In this webinar Malcolm Chisholm, consultant on metadata engineering and data management,  talks about definitions and Rik Gerrits, software architect,  shows the support that RuleXpress provides to define terminology (including the management of homonyms and synonyms) for a community and have other communities adopt terminology

Rule Management in RuleXpress

In this webinar Ron Ross, Executive Editor, Business Rules Journal, BRCommunity.com, introduces Rule Book Management and Rik Gerrits, software architect, shows all aspects of the rule editor in RuleXpress