Using RuleXpress for Requirements Management

Given the similarities between rules and requirements RuleXpress is well equipped to manage both business rules and requirements. Both business rules and requirements:

  • are non-ambiguous textual statements
  • have a recorded set of metadata.
  • will have subsets of items that have to be reported on

Besides the fact that business rules management and requirements management have certain things in common, business rules are also an essential part of requirements engineering. They can be a source for a requirement or may play a role as a functional requirement.

Manage business rules and requirements in the same environment!

To use RuleXpress for requirements management we provide you with a head-start using our special Requirements Repository consisting of:

  • a requirements community
  • a task Manage Requirements
  • properties for requirements
  • special relations
  • a shared vocabulary
  • a standard baseline report
  • an audit trail report