RuleXpress is a ‘General Rule Book System’ and is not targeted to any specific industry.  Every business has business rules and core terminology that need to be aligned and streamlined.

Are you feeling the need to improve the management of these rules and terminology?
Would you like to be more efficient, improve compliance and become more agile?
What tool does the business currently use to accomplish this job?

Rule and terminology management is often maintained in the standard Microsoft Office suite.  These tools are fantastic for writing a letter or making a calculation but they do not support the creation of a consistent and complete vocabulary, rules or decision tables that trace back to source documentation.

RuleXpress is a multi-user management environment designed specifically to improve the communication and organization of your business artifacts across your entire business.


RuleArts develops the new work environment that proactively addresses the costs of business-level mis-communications, stovepipe vocabularies, and misinterpretation of policy.