For insurance Information, products (policies) are critical. We see that there is growing interest in Decision Management, Business Rules Management systems (BRMS) and Business Process Management (BPM) within the Insurance industry.

Most insurance companies are investing in requirements, processes, workflow, rules, data definitions, GUI specifications and so on. RuleXpress is designed with this multi-tool environment in mind, making it easy to bring in definitions from other tools and generate XML for integration with other products. RuleXpress already has integrations with several requirement and process design tools and RuleArts is happy to work with vendors interested in developing more integrations.

The benefit of a best of breed tool like RuleXpress is that the tool is specifically targeted toward business people with a focus on the policies and regulations. Many of these business users will not, in fact, have much to say on other aspects of the system.  

Many customers using RuleXpress are in the insurance industry.