Business rules software has a name: RuleXpress

RuleXpress is the de facto standard in business rules software

Core features

RuleXpress is a repository-based business rules software tool that can be used offline or in a multi-user environment. The key activities are to manage vocabulary and rules or, more specifically manage:

  • terms,
  • fact models,
  • rules,
  • decision tables,
  • rule groups,
  • and decisions.

Other features

Other features of this business rules software relate to the activities for managing the work around the creation of a business vocabulary and rules. These activities include:

  • managing reports;
  • importing content;
  • managing users and communities;
  • managing properties (meta data) for rules, concepts and other items;
  • coordinating communities (adopt rules and terms from other communities);
  • managing languages (set up a multi-lingual vocabulary).


RuleXpress is currently available as a licensed Microsoft .NET application that is able to operate on any relational database management system that supports ODBC.

A new version of RuleXpress is being developed and will be completely web based making the application readily available in an internet browser.