FactXpress is a tool used to create graphical conceptual models. Specifically it allows the user to:

  • draw a box representing a term (concept),
  • create lines between boxes representing an association (fact type),
  • create a hierarchy of categories (taxononomy) represented by boxes,
  • define a list of characteristics (attributes) for concepts in a visual compact way,
  • create conceptual models that comply with the OMG standard Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Rules, SBVR.

Other activities related to creating graphical factmodels are supported. These activities include:

  • checking a diagram for issues (duplication, circularity etc.).
  • printing a diagram.
  • exporting a diagram.
  • opening a saved diagram.
  • navigating between diagrams based on the concepts used in the diagram.

FactXpress is a free Microsoft .NET application.
(.NET framework must be present to use FactXpress)