FactXpress Overview

FactXpress is a diagram tool dedicated to Fact Modeling. The concepts used for modeling are based on the OMG standard Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Rules, known as SBVR 1.0. The drawing notations are proprietary since SBVR does not provide for standard notations.

The appearance of FactXpress is very similar to other model drawing tools.

  •  The Canvas is the main drawing area with the yellow background in the image above. This is where you draw your diagram.
  • The Diagram Helper (upper left) contains the Model Elements for the user to choose from. Drag a shape from the box to the Canvas to create or add a new element.
  • The Options Box (next to the Diagram Helper) contains tools to perform operations on the current diagram.
  • The Search Box (next to the Options Box) allows you to search for terms or word phrases in the current diagram or the entire Fact Model.
  • The Edit Box (next to the Search Box) allows you to Copy, Cut or Paste term shapes and Undo/Redo recent actions on the Canvas.
  • The Overview Box (lower left) shows a miniature representation of your current diagram. If the diagram exceeds the current view, you can use the Overview Box to scroll to a specific part of your diagram.
  • The Status Bar (at the bottom of the window) shows additional information when you are about to drag a shape on the Canvas. The information changes while you move the shape.

There is a free edition and an edition embedded into RuleXpress. To ensure the interoperability between RuleXpress and the Standalone FactXpress product, the user can import and synchronize FactXpress files, created with the standalone version. RuleXpress can also export RuleXpress Neighborhoods to FactXpress files. The RuleXpress Vocabulary can be exported to a special file to be used in the standalone product.