Using RuleXpress for Business Rule Management

nvolving your business people in writing and managing business rules requires a non-technical environment. RuleXpress offers a tool that business people appreciate because RuleXpress really helps them to express themselves in natural language. RuleXpress allows you to create business rules that are:

  • non ambiguous
  • precise
  • versioned
  • agreed

Other departments will be able to adopt these rule statement and link them instructions, requirements, functional documentation, rule engine statements, IT components, source documents and legislation.

Manage rules and information about the rules in the same environment!

To use RuleXpress for writing business rules we provide you with a headstart using our standard RuleXpress Repository consisting of:

  • RuleSpeak support
  • quality checks
  • ability to trace to source documents
  • collaborative rule writing with a team
  • shared vocabulary
  • adoption of vocabulary between communities