Using RuleXpress for Conceptual Modeling

To write non-ambiguous business rule statements it is important to define terminology and indicate how the defined concepts are related.  RuleXpress includes an integrated full conceptual modeling tool, FactXpress, to aid you with this. Besides a graphical environment to create a conceptual model RuleXpress offers:

  • a textual editor to enter fact types
  • create definitions for concepts and fact types
  • show a hierarchical view (taxonomy)
  • support of synonyms and homonyms for concepts

Manage models and rules in the same environment!

To use RuleXpress for conceptual modeling we provide you with a head-start using our standard RuleXpress Repository consisting of:

  • import terminology from Excel sheets
  • a task manage fact model
  • a task manage facts
  • show a list of concepts
  • show taxonomy
  • show hierarchy of concepts based on fact types
  • standard reports showing usage of concepts in models and rules