RuleXpress Benefits

Based on the customer case studies the benefits listed below are those that come up most often.

Easy and effective management of Terms

RuleXpress provides complete term management, supporting term definition, information links and navigation facilities. Business users can see term definitions from rules, navigate, conduct impact analysis and determine traceability. Integrated look-up for Terms and automatic identification of defined Terms make it easy to use terms in rules. And RuleXpress manages preferred terms and synonyms and generates a comprehensive glossary of terms for use throughout the enterprise.

Ease of use for business people

Intuitive and easy to use, RuleXpress has a non-technical interface that allows non-technical users to create and manage business rules and terms. Users get up to speed quickly and find it easy to use day to day. RuleXpress avoids any use of pseudo code or technical jargon, and supports writing in local languages

Rule and term quality

RuleXpress provides built-in quality checks for business rules and terms. These quality checks keep everyone honest and improve the clarity and usability of rules and terms. RuleXpress makes it easy to apply best practices and organizational guidelines.

Traceability and reporting of relationships

RuleXpress manages all the relationships needed to ensure traceability – of contracts or policies to rules, rules to terms, source to implementation. Traceability is maintained in the repository and RuleXpress allows this to be easily output for impact analysis and reporting.

Effective search for business rules

RuleXpress allows sophisticated searches of the rules and their relationships allowing business users to find rules with particular kinds of relationships. Results of these searches can be printed and shared to improve collaboration.

Automation of rule development and approval

Multiple groups can create, modify, review and approve the rules as they move through the development process. RuleXpress has flexible reporting so the right documents can be quickly generated at each step.

A “reference library”

RuleXpress can contain the business rules, sources of rules, terms, supporting documents, evidence, implementation details and even people’s opinion. With RuleXpress you can create a true reference library for projects.

Open Integration

RuleXpress can import rules and terms created in other environments so you can reuse existing investments such as rules captured in spreadsheets.