Requirements Management

Poor specs result in rework. Lists of requirements are not enough.

Use cases, data models, prose and requirements lists are all ways that IT departments try to elicit an effective specification from business users.

Too many systems are unacceptable when delivered or end up awash in warranty or maintenance work. The gap between the way IT and business people talk about a system and the challenges of specifying the policies and regulations that must be supported make it all too easy to build the wrong system. IT methodologies and design tools make it hard to bring the business users into the process, contributing to specifications that are incomplete, inconsistent or just plain wrong.

With less money to spend on systems and a desperate need to reduce maintenance expense, organizations need better ways to specify what rules and policies should be implemented in new or modified systems. Tech-savvy business people are no longer willing to toss requirements documents “over the wall” and hope for the best and IT departments want partners, not just customers. Only if the people who understand the business can truly participate in the specification of the system and only if the specification is complete, consistent and traceable can the right system get built.

RuleXpress provides a comprehensive framework for compliance and helps embed governance into your operational processes and day to day activities. RuleXpress describes the rules that should be applied in usable and business-friendly ways while still tracing them back to the legal interpretation and original authoritative sources. Rules managed in RuleXpress can be analyzed for alignment with corporate goals and support impact analysis so you can see what effect a change will have before you make it. RuleXpress ensures that everyone, from the business to the legal department, from risk management to information technology works from the same set of definitions, terms, synonyms and acronyms.

With the ability to manage traceability to both source documents, regulations, and implementation artifacts like multiple database designs and legacy code, RuleXpress makes impact analysis quick and easy for even the most complex change.

RuleXpress complements your IT methodology and requirements management tools by bringing the business into the process. With RuleXpress you get accurate, complete specifications which can reduce time to market and savings on maintenance and rework costs.

RuleXpress helps the business get the system they need.