Government and Public Sector

Government agencies must enforce the rules passed by legislators. All services and products are based on rules from the regulations and these regulations change regularly. Once new legislation is accepted it must be enforced rapidly. This requires an efficient method to translate legislation in business rules that can be either understood by the citizens, followed by clerks or coded in decision support systems.

Why can’t they just go directly from the regulations and policies to a BRMS? It makes more sense to pull together the various policies, regulations and best practices that exist and derive the rules that are required. After this process, it become clear what production rules need to be implemented in a BRMS, what rules need to be supported manually and what rules need to be communicated.

Using RuleXpress to manage this intermediate step will make it easier to make sure you implement the RIGHT rules in your BRMS.

Many customers using RuleXpress are in the Government and Public Sectors.