Vocabulary Management

Local efforts don’t support a value chain. A shared vocabulary does.

The integration of multiple systems and the ability to exploit all the information you have, no matter where it is stored, are must-haves for organizations today. Meta-data of all sorts is being captured, stored and managed. But meta-data is information about data and businesses need more than that ? they need to know how this data maps to their business and how the business uses that data to make decisions. Unless the terms, facts and vocabulary are consistent across business silos, business integration will remain out of reach even if technical integration succeeds.

To eliminate semantic stovepipes you need a common vocabulary across lines of business. And this vocabulary cannot be a technical vocabulary; it must be described by the business in a way the business understands. An understanding of the terms used by the business, what they mean and how they are used to drive results are essential. This know-how must be captured now, before those who have it retire, and it must be made into a true corporate asset that continues to add value into the future.

RuleXpress offers term, fact and rule management for business users across the enterprise. With RuleXpress, business users can define their terms in their own words, manage synonyms and create a shared understanding across the organization. How these terms relate, how they are used in business rules and much more can be stored in a controlled, manageable repository.