Healthcare, like Insurance, is a good RuleXpress candidate. Information products (policies) are critical and BRMS sales are increasing rapidly.

Many healthcare organizations have a gazillion rules implemented in systems and it’s hard to keep these complete and consistent. Managing the same rules in a different environment, language and paradigm will not double the complexity. On the contrary RuleXpress users have seen a reduction in complexity of up to 95%! Consider the basic reality of most rules in your current systems – you have the original driver for those rules (a company policy or a regulation), the analysis of that driver to describe how it needs to be implemented, a design specification for the system and the system itself.

One RuleXpress user compared the number of words required to manage this with the number of words needed to use RuleXpress to describe the rules and a business rules management system to manage the production rules. The rule-based approach used just 5% of the words required in a traditional approach, a dramatic reduction in complexity.

While RuleXpress creates a second definition of the rules in your systems, it creates a definition both IT and the business can use and so reduces complexity.

RuleXpress is used by many Healthcare organizations within the public and government sectors.