Organize, manage and administer your Business Rules and Business Vocabulary alongside your Requirements and Decisions within RuleXpress and as a result gain full control over your business with the General Rule Book System from RuleArts!

  • RuleXpress moves your company towards the knowledge economy in pragmatic steps.
  • RuleXpress significantly reduces times taken to implementation projects.
  • RuleXpress substantially reduces the cost of implementation.
  • RuleXpress separates product complexity from IT complexity increasing transparency.

Manage Business Rules and Vocabulary with RuleXpress!

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of RuleXpress and you can make up your own mind about a true rule book management system for business people.

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to define your concept  models graphically. True semantics, SBVR compliant, RuleXpress compliant, understands what you draw.


is the newest product from RuleArts.  Enjoy a smooth, modern look and feel from iRuleXpress.  Rule authoring is fun with iRuleXpress!



Are you interested in learning more about business rule management?

RuleArts is pleased to offer an excerpt on “Rulebook Management” from Ron Ross’s newly released book, Business Rule Concepts (3rd Ed).  Download the chapter “Rulebook Management”, click here or alternatively you can order a copy of this book from


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