Business rules, decision management, business vocabulary, compliance, and requirements management… Get them all connected using our tool!

  • Move your company towards the knowledge economy in pragmatic steps.
  • Separate product complexity from IT complexity.
  • Have an organized set of rules to start an implementation project.
  • Manage coupled vocabulary in multiple languages.
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of RuleXpress and you can make up your own mind about a true rule book management system for business people.for free to define your fact models graphically. True semantics, SBVR compliant, RuleXpress compliant, understands what you draw.Our client for their article in Business Rules Journal. On Supporting a Business Rules Approach with Standards and Patterns.
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Interested in more about business rule management?

RuleArts is pleased to offer the excerpt on “Rulebook Management” from Ron Ross’s newly released book, Business Rule Concepts (3rd Ed). 
To download the chapter “Rulebook Management”, click here.

Express your rules. Advance your business.