• 0001146: Promote reports to template for apply does not always work - Remove Promote option.
    Some clients have reported that the Promote reports does not always work.Testing has indicated that sometimes when a report is promoted the details of the report are not within the Change Set and the report is not applied.Sometimes the report is not in the Change SetSometimes the report is in the Change Set but has not details.When the report is in the Change Set (review Change Sets) and the report details are missing, the report is applied but NO values are inserted into the Property Value table and the report goes 'missing'. In actual fact, the report is placed in the Report table and the Focal Activity Report table the will never be available to the user as the PropertyValue table has no details. These are ghost reports.
  • 0001242: RuleArts Welcomes Railinc to their Client's Page
    Hi,RuleArts would like to welcome you to your client page where you can review any suggestions or enhancements that Railinc have made to further enhance RuleXpress as a product.Any items also identified and confirmed by RuleArts staff as a bug that requires attention can also be reviewed in this location.RuleArts is happy to have you as our newest customer and our first customer of 2016.